2016 Megabass New Release Fishing Lures Underwater

Here’s some vivid underwater video of new Megabass lures featured at ICAST, specifically the i-LOUD prop/wake bait, MAGSLOWL swimbait, KANATA jerkbait, and Dog-X Diamante walking topwater.

1) i-LOUD:
4) Dog-X Diamante:

DISCLAIMER : You won’t see any fish strikes in this video. There is a cameraman, camera and boat literally inches away from these baits. Hard to get a fish to bite with so much equipment next to a lure in ultra clear water. You will see what these baits look like when fished to the fish rather than just wondering what they look like sitting on the shelf.

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Making Wood And 5 Minute Epoxy Trout Glide Bait Fishing Lure

This video covers making a wooded glide fishing lure from carving to adding details using 5 minute epoxy. If you would like a free copy of the drawings,templates and tool and materials list E-mail me at

Thanks to Mark at for the screw eyes

And Micheal at for the resin

Recycled Fishing Lure Challenge! Crankbaits, Swimbaits, Chatterbaits And MORE! (400+ LURES!!)

In this video Travis and I fish for bass using lures I have found! First catch at 3:29
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Found GoPro Camera Lost 3 Weeks Ago! (Reviewing the Footage)

Hey guys! Today Travis and I use lures that I have found in the river! Most fish/ biggest fish wins!

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Cameras used: GoPro Hero 4 Black, Galaxy S7, Sony Camera

How To Choose A Trout Lure

Trout fishing can be very intimidating for the beginner. So Lorianne and SCDNR fisheries biologist Kevin Kubach discuss some of the lures and tackle you’ll need to get started.

How To Rig Soft Plastic Baits And Lures For Fishing

. Learn how to rig soft plastic baits and fishing lures for a variety of situations. From Weedless Texas rig style to lead head jigs, soft plastics can be used fo fishing in both fresh and salt water. Capt. Chris Myers shows how he rigs soft plastic DOA lures using both weighted and unweighted hooks.
Capt. Chris offers light tackle and fly fishing charters in the Mosquito Lagoon for redfish, seatrout, and drum. This is the closest saltwater flats fishing to Orlando and Disney.

Found $50 Fishing Lure, Cast Net And 4 Sunglasses In River! (Scuba Diving)

In this video I scuba dive for river treasure!
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Location: Columbus, GA

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Fishing Lure Color Selection (Part 1). How Colors Look Underwater

Check out my lure color selection charts at

Fishing lure colors are less intense under water, that’s a fact. And that’s because there’s much less light beneath the water surface. Yep, even on bright sunny days the light is more subdued down below.

Even in the ultra-clear waters of our deepest oceans the light penetrates a surprisingly short distance into the depths.

So as fishermen, the lure colors we select that look so bright and alluring (pun) in sunlight can look much more drab to the fish. It makes you wonder if lure color selection is so important after all.

Water acts like a giant filter that dulls down the intensity of the incoming light. Fish eyes, like our own, need reasonably intense light in order to detect color. Remove that light and your lure colors go with it.

This video explains how and why that happens. It’s a great example of why lure color selection should come after action, sound, dive depth and other factors.

If you’d like a lot more detail and access to some lure color selection charts, skip over to my website at

Making A Soft Plastic Fishing Lure. The Sushi Whip Tail Grub

creating the master lure from polymer clay making a rtv mold and then pouring the lure

Link to a List of tools, materials and suppliers

If you re interested in buying a mould then follow the link

Making A Beetle Fishing Lure From Plastic Spoons

Making a drop shot beetle fishing lure from plastic spoons and a old bicycle inner tube

Link to Blog

Fishing Lures Made From Beer Bottle Caps (Norm Price Inventor)

Fishing lures made from recycled bottle caps. Incredible! You have to see this. What a amazing way to recycle! Way to go Norm Price. Now start a national fishing contest! BAM! Millions of Dollars worth of PR