Rapala Minnow Rap Fishing Lure

Just when anglers thought they’d seen it all, Rapala creates another game-changing lure. First there was the Original Floater™. Then came the Shad Rap®, followed by the X-Rap®. Now the new Minnow Rap® kicks off the next revolution in lure technology.
When fish are being fussy and stubborn, tie on this bad boy and you’ll see an attitude adjustment in seconds.
The Minnow Rap combines the legendary Shad Rap action with a tight wobbling action in a minnow profile. Constructed out of balsa, the Minnow Rap’s action is tighter and displays unique performance techniques that make this minnow-shaped lure one-of-a-kind.

The Minnow Rap is perfect for trolling and casting. On the troll the Minnow Rap runs at 12 feet, and at seven feet on the cast. Six classic patterns feature a clear deep-diving lip and VMC black nickel hooks.