Pet Bass ATTACK Fishing Lures!!

This week we drop fishing lures into our 300 gallon aquarium to see how our two pet bass will react. Saying these bass are aggressive is an understatement! We tried poppers, jigs, swimbaits, frogs, and worms and they attacked every one. We observed some very cool traits including immediately after they bit, they would run to the closest cover. It was also cool to see them pair up and attack together. Thumbs up for Sheriff the Bluegill trying to eat a topwater frog!

Lures Used:
Popper –
Jig –
Frog –
Swimbait –
Big Worm –

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Watch our 300 gallon aquarium setup from
start to finish:

Our Aquarium:
Size – 300 Gallon – 96x30x24 inches
Lighting – 3 Kessil 90W Tuna Sun
Substrate – Eco Complete
Heaters – 3 500W Finnex
Python Hose –
CO2 Tank –
PH Controller –
PH Calibration Fluid –
Wave Makers –
Portable GFCI –
Chlorine Remover –
Dr. Tims –
Aquascaping Tool Kit –
Algae Magnet –
Scraper –
Suction Cups –
Bluegill Food –
Root Tabs –
Cabinet Lighting –
Fire Alarm –
Leak Detector –

Plants and Moss:
Dwarf Hairgrass –
Marimo Moss Balls –
Christmas Moss –
Amazon Sword –
Micranthemum –
Helferi –
Clover –
Crypt –
Marimo Log –
Dragon Stone –

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