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Best Fishing Lures From

Watch Large Mouth and Smallmouth Bass inhale our real rabbit hair bass fishing lures from Purchase our lures at wholesale prices

River Treasure: Benchmade Knife, Marine Corps Ring, Fishing Lures And MOAR!

This was an excellent adventure searching for river treasure, the Benchmade knife was awesome and I enjoyed findig a some rings, some fishing tackle and an eel!

Beginners Guide To Making Your Own Wooden Fishing Lures

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Beach Fishing With Lures

Handy tips for fishing beaches with lures.

Pet Bass ATTACK Fishing Lures!!

This week we drop fishing lures into our 300 gallon aquarium to see how our two pet bass will react. Saying these bass are aggressive is an understatement! We tried poppers, jigs, swimbaits, frogs, and worms and they attacked every one. We observed some very cool traits including immediately after they bit, they would run to the closest cover. It was also cool to see them pair up and attack together. Thumbs up for Sheriff the Bluegill trying to eat a topwater frog!

Lures Used:
Popper –
Jig –
Frog –
Swimbait –
Big Worm –

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Watch our 300 gallon aquarium setup from
start to finish:

Our Aquarium:
Size – 300 Gallon – 96x30x24 inches
Lighting – 3 Kessil 90W Tuna Sun
Substrate – Eco Complete
Heaters – 3 500W Finnex
Python Hose –
CO2 Tank –
PH Controller –
PH Calibration Fluid –
Wave Makers –
Portable GFCI –
Chlorine Remover –
Dr. Tims –
Aquascaping Tool Kit –
Algae Magnet –
Scraper –
Suction Cups –
Bluegill Food –
Root Tabs –
Cabinet Lighting –
Fire Alarm –
Leak Detector –

Plants and Moss:
Dwarf Hairgrass –
Marimo Moss Balls –
Christmas Moss –
Amazon Sword –
Micranthemum –
Helferi –
Clover –
Crypt –
Marimo Log –
Dragon Stone –

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TINY Lure Challenge!!! – Ep.6 (Micro Spoon)

In this special saltwater episode I use tiny spoons! – (coming soon!)

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The Pink Challenge: Catching Fish On Pink Lures! (Norristown, PA)

P.S. THIS VIDEO WAS RE-UPLOADED ON THE CHANNEL DUE TO AUDIO ISSUES! The audio problem is now fixed. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Make sure to READ the description for MORE DETAILS:

May 25th, 2016 — I decided to track some post-spawn Smallmouth Bass and other Species on the Schuylkill River at Norristown using pink lures ONLY. I had posted about this on my instagram (Extreme Philly Fishing) earlier, and you folks really wanted me to do the “Pink Challenge.” So there ya go! The rules of the pink challenge are quite simple: any fish counts, as far as they are caught on a pink lure!!! If you want to attempt the pink challenge yourself and you actually catch a fish, you may send that photo/video/footage to to be portrayed on my Channel, in the future. In other words, you will receive a shout-out.

If you ever want to attempt the fishing spot in this video, which is the Schuylkill River right by the Norristown Dam, please keep in mind that the Bass fishing over there is really bad at most times of the year!!! The reason I decided to go there is because the post-spawn Smallies sometimes hang out around there 1-2 weeks after they do their business. Unfortunately, the monsters were not there that day! P.s. The Flathead Catfishing is good over there, though. πŸ™‚

Hope you guys enjoyed this video and good luck catching fish on pink lures! πŸ™‚

Other folks have attempted the Pink Challenge as well! Make sure to check them out:
Virginia Fishing:
Fishing Pleasures:

Coming up in 2 days: Winner of the KastKing Rodrack give-away + possibly the worst MTB Panfish box that I have ever gotten…

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Long Days and Pleasant Nights! Tight lines, Youtube viewers!

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Top 10 Fall Bass Fishing Baits

I love bass fishing in the fall. Let me know in the comment section below if you guys would use anything different! Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me as well!!

Rod –

Rod –

Mojo Rig Video –

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Best Pond Baits For Under $50 – Bass Fishing

It’s about time I put out a video for the pond bass fishing guys! Hopefully this helps you guys select your next batch of baits when you go to the tackle shop!

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How To Catch Pike On Lures – The Totally Awesome Fishing Show

How to catch Pike on lures – Graeme Pullen from The TotallyAwesome Fishing Show interviews Pike lure fanatic Nathan Brotherton. As he reveals his TOTALLY AWESOME favourite lures, you get to see how some of his big lures look in quality HD underwater footage as the TA Cameras go submerged, and spot a couple of sulking predators to 18lbs lying right in the weedbeds. Lures range from the famous spinnerbaits, to shad raps, swimbaits and even rubber eels. Featuring tips on tackle, with a run-through of Nathan’s favourite Jerkbait outfit, and spinning rig, plus tips on How to retrieve lures. No blatent tackle-ramming, but the basics on which lures have given big Pike specialist Nathan some of his best fish. We may even drag Graeme away from his beloved Twitching Sprat technique! (Doubt it).
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